Love conquers all. How you can sponsor your partner and start a new life together in Australia

Close up of couple holding hands in a field

Long distance relationships can be challenging and being physically apart can be quite an emotional and stressful time for many couples. It is increasingly common for people to be married or in a long term relationship with someone who lives or works in another country. 

Thankfully, the partner/spouse visa is an option for Australian citizens or permanent residents wanting to sponsor their spouse or de facto partner to migrate to Australia. Some of the documents that applicants and sponsors are required to provide may include: 

  • Marriage certificate
  • Evidence of shared financial responsibilities
  • Statements from friends and family members
  • Police certificates
  • Photographs together
  • Telephone call logs and chat history
  • Proof of any travel undertaken together

The list of documents is even longer for relationships where there are children involved or if either party has previously been married or in a de facto relationship with someone else. At times, what is required by the Department of Home Affairs can be unclear and cause a lot of stress and anxiety for couples involved in the process. 

If you are looking to migrate to Australia to join your spouse or de facto partner, but don’t want the stress or demands of working out whether you have the right evidence and documents, contact us at Titan Migration for a consultation. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our experts will handle your application from start to finish.