Titan Migration is an Australian registered migration agent.

We specialise in providing professional immigration assistance and visa services to prospective migrants and visitors to Australia.

In recent years, Australia’s immigration landscape has changed and successive governments have become more tough on immigration policy.

Our vision is to forge a path through this new and changing landscape, and guide our clients to achieving their aim of migrating to Australia. 


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We're a mobile and online business, so we can come to you or connect with you remotely.

We understand the importance in taking the time to explain immigration requirements and processes in a clear and simple way, while at the same time being highly accessible to our clients.

Our migration agent can provide face-to-face consultations in Sydney. Whether it be at your home, workplace, at a café, library or online, we are happy to find a solution that works for you.


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Partner & Family Visas

Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident? You may be able to sponsor your partner or family member to migrate to Australia. 

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Visitor / Tourist Visas

Looking to visit Australia? We'll help you get the right documents sorted to ensure that your holiday to Australia is hassle free. 

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Skilled Migration

Are you a highly skilled professional? There are certain occupations in demand by the Australian government. 



We're with you every step of the way

We'll be your point of contact for all matters related to your case, handling any requests or correspondence, so you can continue on with your life.



Want to find out which visa is suitable for you?

We can make an assessment and provide you with advice on your possible visa options. 



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