Why should I use a registered migration agent to apply for a visa?

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Do I need to use the services of a registered migration agent to manage, prepare and lodge my Australian visa application? Can't I just do it myself? It’s a question many people ask themselves before they apply for an Australian visa. We’ve listed our top 3 reasons why it would be beneficial for you to use a registered migration agent: 

1. Minimise the risks of processing delays or a visa refusal

Registered migration agents have the skills and experience in preparing and lodging visa applications, so they know exactly what is required for each visa type and which visa is most suitable for your circumstances. An agent will take the time to research and find a solution that is right for you, advise you of which documents are needed, check all your documents and your application to ensure that all the information is accurate. 

Using an agent means you do not have to spend all of your time researching, or worrying about which visa is the right one for you and which documents you need to provide. You won’t have to stress about whether there is anything missing or if there any errors in your visa application, as the agent will do all of that for you. Incomplete applications where there is information or documents missing may result in delays in visa processing or even a visa refusal. 

2. Immigration law is complex and constantly changing

Another reason for engaging a registered migration agent is because agents are professionally qualified and have a strong understanding of Australian immigration law. To maintain their registration, migration agents are required to keep their knowledge up-to-date when it comes to immigration law and policy changes. Agents do this by completing mandatory professional development each year. 

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law and it is continuously changing. Using a registered migration agent gives you peace of mind knowing that your visa application is being managed and prepared by an agent who is on top of the latest changes to legislation and policy. 

3. Save yourself time and money

Preparing and lodging your own visa application can take up a considerable amount of time. Countless hours can be spent reading complex legislation, researching visa options and visa requirements, obtaining and organising supporting documents and completing the application form. If your visa application is refused, you would probably spend even more time and money on working out what to do next. You could it get right the first time by engaging a registered migration agent to manage all of this for you. All those hours could be better spent elsewhere!

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