Are you under the age of 45, hold educational qualifications and have competent English skills?

You might also have years of work experience in an occupation that the Australian government considers as in demand. If this is the case, you may qualify for one of the points tested skilled migration visas. 

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Australia’s immigration program aims to attract highly skilled professionals for certain occupations that are considered as in demand by the Australian government.

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Points tested skilled migration

The points tested skilled migration visas do not require an applicant to be sponsored by an employer. They permit skilled applicants to migrate directly to Australia. 

There are three types of Skilled Migration visas: 

  • Skilled Independent subclass 189 (permanent visa)

  • State Nomination subclass 190 (permanent visa)

  • Skilled Regional Provisional subclass 489 (temporary visa)

Contact us to see how many points you would score and if you would be eligible for one of these visas. Even if you do not yet meet the minimum points score, we can help you find a way to maximise your chance to qualify. 

Since I have been in Australia I had to deal with 3 different migration agents, Pete is definitely not the usual one. He was available, professional and caring, considering the best alternatives for my case.

Pete helped me collect the right documents, to prove my work experience and we managed to get it through.
— Vivian, Sydney