Supplying the right documents for a visa or sponsorship application

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Applying for a visa or sponsoring someone for a visa isn’t just about filling in the application form and sending it to the Department of Home Affairs for approval. So many visa and sponsorship applications are refused because of a lack of adequate supporting documentation. It is not about having as many supporting documents as possible either. The key is having the right documents to show that you meet the requirements.

What are the ‘right’ documents?

The ‘right’ documents are those that the Department of Home Affairs are looking for as evidence that you meet certain requirements for your visa application or sponsorship application.

For example, if you are looking to sponsor a foreign worker as a Marketing Specialist, one of the requirements is that your business must have an annual turnover of at least $1 million AUD. To prove this, you would need to provide financial evidence showing this amount of turnover.

Or, if you are applying for a spouse/partner visa, then you will need to provide evidence that you are in a spousal or de facto relationship with your Australian citizen or permanent resident spouse/partner.

These documents must be authentic and must not contain false or misleading information. They must also be organised in an orderly manner for visa assessing officers to easily identify and review as part of the assessment of your application.

How do I know which documents are required?

At Titan Migration, our in-depth knowledge of immigration legislation, policy and visa requirements means that we know exactly which documents are needed for each visa or sponsorship application. Sometimes, it can be a challenge working out how to go about obtaining some of these documents.

The good news is, we can show you how to acquire them and what’s involved. We also specialise in organising the documents in way that is most appropriate for your application.

Contact us on +61 404 010 815 or if you need assistance on visa and sponsorship applications – we can help you with obtaining and organising all the right documents you need to give you a stronger chance of success.