Reasons why your tourist visa to Australia was refused

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The experience of being refused a tourist/visitor visa to Australia is as frustrating as it is puzzling. The initial anticipation and excitement of visiting family, friends and sightseeing in Australia can quickly disappear.

Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming increasingly common for many people. At times, it can be unclear why the Department of Home Affairs has refused the visa. This leaves those affected wondering ‘Where did I go wrong in my application?’ and ‘Is there still a chance for me to visit Australia one day?’. Tourist visas are often refused for some of the following reasons: 

Lack of evidence that the applicant will return home to their country of origin

One of most common reasons used by the Department of Home Affairs to refuse tourist visas is that the application failed to meet the ‘Genuine Temporary Stay’ requirement. This means that based on the evidence provided in the application, the Department was not convinced that the applicant’s intention was to remain in Australia for a temporary period of time. This is most frequently the case for applicants from ‘high-risk countries’, that is, countries assessed as having an increased likelihood of people overstaying their visa. 

Inadequate means of support

The Department may also refuse tourist visas if the applicant has not demonstrated that they have adequate funds to pay for their trip and living expenses during their stay in Australia. Even if there is a support person or organisation in Australia who is funding the applicant’s visit, without sufficient evidence of the person or organisation’s financial capacity, the tourist visa may be refused on these grounds. 

Poor immigration history

If an applicant has previously overstayed their visa or breached any conditions of previous visas in Australia, this is likely to be a concern for the Department of Home Affairs. Similarly, if a person has applied for Australian visas in the past and these have been refused, the Department is likely to consider the reasons for those previous refusals before making a decision on the current application.

To ensure a higher chance of success, tourist visa applicants must consider and address these three potential grounds of refusal in their visa application. This may include providing substantial evidence and documentation, preparing relevant statements and if necessary, having a family member or friend who is willing to be a tourist visa sponsor. 

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