The top 5 changes to Australia’s migration program from 1 July 2018

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On 1 July 2018, the Federal Government introduced some changes to Australian visas that will impact some existing visa holders and prospective migrants to Australia. In this article, we will outline five of those changes and how they will impact you.

1. Raising the minimum points score from 60 to 65 to qualify for a permanent skilled visa 

If you are applying for one of the permanent skilled visas, you will need to obtain a further 5 points in order to meet the minimum points score. This might require you to obtain a higher English test score or seek state nomination to obtain those extra points.

2. Lowering the age limit to 45 for skilled partners to claim extra points for a permanent skilled visa

Previously, if you were applying for a skilled visa and had a partner or spouse who was also skilled, had competent English and was under the age of 50, you could obtain an additional 5 points. From 1 July, your partner or spouse would need to be under 45 in order for you to obtain those additional points.  

3. Increasing visa application fees for partner visas, skilled visas, permanent employer sponsored visas and student visas

This will be an additional cost to those applying for partner, skilled, permanent employer sponsored and student visas amongst others. Lodging a partner visa will now cost $7,160 as opposed to $7,000, while the cost of lodging a skilled visa application has increased from $3,670 to $3,755. 

4. Employers to be slugged with a training contribution levy for each overseas employee they sponsor

If you are a business or employer who sponsors overseas workers on the new TSS (482) visa or one of the permanent employer sponsored visas, you will be required to pay an annual levy for each sponsored employee. This levy is in the process of being implemented.

5. Introduction of the Global Talent Visa Scheme

This visa is being trialled for 12 months and is designed for either established businesses or endorsed startups to employ highly skilled foreign workers with cutting edge skills who will contribute to business innovation. 

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