Q&A: “We have registered our new restaurant as a business. Can we sponsor a chef on a work visa so that they can start working once the restaurant opens?”

Empty restaurant ready for service

The short answer is yes, provided you meet a number of requirements. Many new businesses and startups commence advertising and filling positions before their doors open for trading. If the business is a restaurant, it is crucial for them to be fully staffed and ready to service customers immediately on its opening day. There are several key steps involved for a new business to sponsor an employee on a temporary work visa (TSS subclass 482 visa).  

Applying to become an approved sponsor

A new business will need to be an approved sponsor with the Department of Home Affairs, in order to sponsor employees on work visas. This involves providing evidence that the business is legally registered and operating in Australia. Examples of the type of evidence needed include:

  • Company registration documents

  • Financial or bank statements

  • Business plans

  • Contracts with suppliers or clients

  • Lease agreements

  • A third party letter of support such as from an accountant

Nominating a person to fill the vacant position

The next step after being approved as a sponsor is to nominate the overseas candidate to fill the position. This is the most important part of the process. Here are some of the things that businesses must demonstrate:

  • They have attempted to recruit local staff and were unsuccessful in their attempts

  • The candidate is offered the market salary rate for the occupation

  • The business can financially support the position

  • The candidate will be genuinely working in the role

  • The position is one that you’d expect to find in the business

Candidate to apply for the work visa that is linked to the nomination

The third step in the process is for the candidate to apply for the temporary work visa. This visa is linked to the approved nomination in the second step, and allows the candidate to either enter or remain in Australia and commence working for the business. As part of the visa application, the candidate (visa applicant) would need to:

  • Provide their identity documents such as passport, national ID card

  • Prove that they have the necessary skills and experience

  • Have minimum English language skills

  • Provide relevant police clearances and recent travel history

  • Purchase the appropriate health insurance

Organising and preparing the sponsorship for an overseas worker can be a challenging and time consuming process, especially for new businesses. If you’re a new or existing business looking to sponsor an overseas employee, Titan Migration can manage the entire visa sponsorship process for you. That way, you can spend less time on all the sponsorship paperwork and more of your time running the business!

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